About Me

Who I am ??

My name is Milan Raj Pulami and I'm a student living in Kathmandu with my family.I'm a samll blogger, youtuber as well.It is  my hobbies and I respect all. 

What I do??

Besides Studies I make sometime youtube videos name called Abhash Milan Tech.From there also you can get various knowledge about technology.Mostly I prefer to do new thing and that makes me happy and comfortable. I love to visit new places, gathering with friends and so on.

How and Why I Start it ??

I heard blogging from many years but at that time I don't know how to start it and there is no any technical support for blogging. Later on  I gather lots of ideas and information about blogging from the internet. Honestly you have patience for anythings to do.  To start Blog, www.blogger.com is the best platform.

We are actually tried to solve your queries and also to share our ideas ,view, experience and knowledge with you throught this means.

Actually I'm opened mind and I love to share my ideas, opinion, views, information etc to other. And Specially to touch with many person. 

E-mail: abhashmilan@gmail.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/abhashmilan

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